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Credit Firm Review is a credit repair company that has been in business for over 15 years. The company features unlimited credit repair services at one of the most affordable rates on the market, making a subscription with a good value.
Plus, is staffed with certified legal professionals and licensed attorneys, but there are no add-on services available, like credit monitoring or budgeting tools. You can sign up for a free credit consultation to learn how can boost your credit, but you’ll have to provide your own credit reports.


Starting from: $49.99 per month Pricing model: month to month subscription (you can cancel anytime)Free credit consultation and action plan: available, but you have to provide credit reports only has one pricing plan to choose from and it’s $49.99 per month, which is one of the lowest credit repair service fees on the market.With this pricing plan, you will get unlimited credit repair services, such as credit bureau challenges, procedural request verification, inquiry challenges, goodwill interventions, escalated info requests, personal info variance challenges, collection agency defense, and debt validation. Keep in mind that if you need additional services – like credit monitoring or budgeting – you will need to find another company to help you with that. Plus, does not appear to charge a one-time fee like other credit repair companies do, which saves you $49.99 up front as most companies charge a one time fee equal to your monthly price.

You can sign up for a free credit consultation with a certified credit consultant who will come up with an action plan to repair your credit and boost your credit score, but you’ll have to provide the credit reports for reviewing.


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Pros and Cons

  • Low monthly rate of $49.99 per month
  • Unlimited dispute letters and credit bureau challenges
  • Collection agency defense
  • Staffed with licensed attorneys
  • Has been in business for over 15 years
  • Excellent customer service
  • Cancel your membership anytime
  • Free consultation with a certified credit professional
  • 24/7 online access to your account

  • No add on services available, such as credit monitoring or budgeting
  • Free consultation does not come with free credit reports
  • Very limited credit education center and no credit building tools available

FINAL VERDICT – provides the best value for credit repair services. You’ll get unlimited dispute letters and credit bureau challenges, unlimited goodwill letters and query challenges, unlimited personal info variance challenges, and collection agency defense.

This makes a great value because most credit repair companies cap the number of disputes or letters you can send per month – averaging around 15 disputes. Plus, there is no setup fee like many other companies charge, saving you about $49.99 right off the bat.
Keep in mind that does not provide you with a copy of your credit reporting during your free consultation like some other companies do, meaning that you will need to provide these.

However, you are entitled to one free credit report per year from each of the three major credit reporting bureaus. You’ll just need to make sure you obtain them before your consultation.

Additionally, does not provide a credit boosting education center or credit building tools on its website. This means you will have to go elsewhere to learn about boosting credit.

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  • offers unlimited credit bureau challenges for only $49.99 per month. This means that no matter how many negative items you have on your reports, you will only be charged $49.99 each month. Many other companies cap the number of letters you can send out or they charge you by the letter, making a good value for the service.
  • is staffed by licensed attorneys and certified credit professionals. The company is well-established and has been in service for 15 years, meaning that they are the real deal because they know the law and can help you make a plan to boost your credit score.
  • You can pay as you go and cancel anytime. offers a month-to-month subscription that you can cancel whenever you want, but keep in mind that the company recommends keeping the subscription for 12 months to get the most out of the service.

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In our opinion, is a great deal if you are looking for an affordable credit repair company. They offer basic credit repair services without any special add ons, like credit monitoring, budgeting, or credit repair tools.
However, you can take advantage of their unlimited credit letter feature, which is standard at $49.99 per month. Additionally, provides a free in-depth credit consultation with a certified professional, unlimited goodwill interventions, and collection agency defense. company you choose, it can lead to significant improvements in your ability to secure affordable loans.

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Company Offer


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Why are unlimited personal information variance challenges important?

Personal information variances can negatively impact your credit score. This is because potential lenders see these variances as the product of unstable and sporadic behavior, making you appear not as trustworthy with a loan or large amount of money. works to remove multiple name, employer, address, and other personal information changes that are not correct or may otherwise make you look insatiable or sporadic and not trustworthy. This can help boost your credit score and make you a better potential customer for a loan.

Does help with debt? offers unlimited debt validation, which is a highly aggressive method that protects your right as a consumer by detailing a complete timeline of the account in question. This includes making copies of the original signed contract or application, previous statements, and all other documents that the creditor needs to prove that you are liable. This ensures that, beyond a reasonable doubt, the account will be removed from your credit report. also provides collection agency defense by contacting collection agencies and stopping them from harassing you any longer.

Credit Repair Services
9.1 Total Score
Credit Firm Review is a great value if you need basic credit repair services with unlimited disputes. We like that they don’t charge a one-time fee like some other companies do, and - at $49.99 per month - you can’t beat the price. The company has excellent customer service reviews online and we like that they have 24 hour access to your online account. But don’t expect credit monitoring, budgeting tools, or a credit education center on the company’s website.

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