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The Credit Pros Review

The Credit Pros is a top-rated credit repair company that provides a personal credit management system for users. There are four tiers of pricing packages you can choose from with services ranging from TransUnion credit monitoring, identity protection, debt validation letters, budgeting, medication coverage, and more. Choose from the higher tiers if you need unlimited dispute letters with guaranteed results and don’t mind paying a little more for a better credit repair experience. it reports, which will raise your score. 


Starting from: $19 per month (ranging up to $149 per month plus one-time setup fees) Pricing model: month to month (you can cancel anytime) Free credit report and credit consultation with a certified FICO professional: availableThe Credit Pros have four pricing plans you can choose from. CreditSentry Monitoring is the basic plan starting at $19 per month and includes identification coverage (including dark web monitoring) and TransUnion credit monitoring. This package is the only one that does not include unlimited dispute letters.Money Management and Prosperity Package are the two middle tiers priced at $69 and $119 per month, respectively. With these packages, you will get the credit and identity monitoring services featured in the basic plan as well as the credit repair services that The Credit Pros is known for. You’ll also get a custom budgeting plan, bill reminder service, and a prescription plan that saves you up to 80% off medications (Prosperity Package only).

The Success Package is priced at $149 per month and includes everything mentioned above as well as a guaranteed $1,500 line of credit at HuttonChase department store. You’ll also get credit reporting to all three credit bureaus to help build your credit. No matter what pricing plan you pick, all of the packages at the Credit Pros offer an exceptional value.


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Pros and Cons

  •  Unlimited credit dispute letters (all packages except for CreditSentry Monitoring)
  • Staffed with certified FICO professionals
  • Provides credit monitoring, ID protection, budgeting, and help getting out of debt
  • Features up to 80% off medications (Prosperity and Success packages only)
  • Cancel your membership anytime
  • Registered and bonded company with A+ BBB rating
  • Free credit report and consultation with a FICO certified professional
  • Credit education tools available to help you learn about credit building
  • 24/7 online access to your account

  • Higher fees than other credit repair companies
  • Not available in every state

FINAL VERDICT – The Credit Pros offer an excellent range of credit repair services as well as additional features that protect your identity and help you save money, such as dark web monitoring, unlimited credit disputes, prescription medication coverage, ID theft restoration and insurance, cease and desist letters to collection agencies, and goodwill and debt validation letters to creditors. They offer the best of the best in terms of coverage, but it comes at a cost.

The Money Management and Prosperity Package feature the best credit repair services, but it will cost you a one-time fee of $119 and then a monthly fee of $69 or $119, respectively. These prices are higher than average when compared to other credit repair companies, but they are also a better value. For example, you would likely have to pay this money anyway if you wanted credit monitoring, dark web monitoring, prescription coverage, and budgeting services that most credit repair companies don’t offer.

Additionally, you’re getting unlimited dispute letters each month – other companies usually cap at 15. Most people will do fine with these two packages and do not need to look at the Success package, which starts $298 your first month alone. However, this package comes with a line of credit that can help boost your credit, so it may be worth checking into if you can’t find credit elsewhere.

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  • When you sign up for a free consultation with The Credit Pros, they will help you develop a one-on-one action plan with a certified FICO professional to repair your credit, remove negative items from your credit report, and build your credit. You’ll also get a free copy of your credit report. This can help you determine if it’s worth it to sign up, and which pricing package would best suit your needs.
  • Credit monitoring is available at no extra charge if you sign up for the Money Management, Prosperity Package, or Success Packages. This includes dark web monitoring, change of address monitoring, social security trace monitoring, pay-day monitoring, and social network monitoring. If all you want is credit monitoring, then you can get it for $19 per month.
  • The Prosperity and Success Packages offer Slash RX, which gives you 80% off medications. This is a good investment if your credit has been damaged by medical expenses and you need help in this area. Most credit repair companies do not offer this service, which highlights the extensive features that you’ll get with a package from The Credit Pros.

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In our opinion, The Credit Pros offers the best credit repair service around, but it comes at a cost. We like that you can choose from four different tiers. However, the basic plan that starts at $19 per month does not offer any credit repair services at all. Sign up for this plan if you want credit monitoring only.

The Money Management plan appeals to the average user who needs credit repair services. At $119 down and $69 per month, this is a good investment if you need unlimited dispute letters, ID theft protection and restoration services, a budgeting system, and an avalanche debt system. This is much more than most companies offer, and aside from the one-time fee, it proves to be a good value as well.

You may want to consider forking over the extra $50 per month and signing up for the Prosperity Package if you need medical assistance. We recommend the Success Package for those who need help building credit along with a solid credit repair service. Remember that you can cancel anytime. However, most people need six months to see results on their credit report when they use a credit repair company.

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Company Offer


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What is a snowball and avalanche debt system?

The Credit Pros offer something called a snowball and avalanche debt system to help you get out of debt. This means that after they send out their first round of letters, they will keep going with what they call a ‘dispute avalanche.’ In other words, they will keep sending out dispute letters with additional information until they have resolved everything they can. After this, they will let you know when they have done all they can do to improve your debt. Many users continue to use this feature long after they have repaired their credit.

Credit Repair Services
8.9 Total Score
The Credit Pros Review

The Credit Pros have some of the best packages we’ve seen for a credit repair service, but they might be too expensive for the average person with only a few disputes that need correction. We recommend meeting with a FICO professional from The Credit Pros for free to determine if it’s worth the price. With excellent customer service reviews online, there is nothing to lose!

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