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This credit repair CRM software provides top quality solutions for credit repair businesses of all sizes. TurboDispute makes dispute letter creation automatic, saving endless time for credit repair specialists. Their cloud-based software lets anyone pull a client’s file from the client database, but most importantly – it’s a full private label credit repair software.

With TurboDispute, your business is in charge. They let you put your own branding on the software. This feature makes it so clients, affiliates and your staff see the program as your own. Everything runs through your company’s domain as well, unlike some credit repair softwares which require you to log-in through their domain.

Let’s get into detail on how this company compares to the competition. Take a look below for perspective on their pricing, pros and cons, benefits and some important FAQs.


TurboDispute offers their credit repair software to businesses via four different pricing packages, priced from $149 to $499 per month. The main differences between each of these plans include the amount of storage and the total allowed affiliates, clients and users.

Here’s a breakdown of the most important specs for each plan…

Starter ($149)

Professional ($179)

Premium ($199)

Enterprise ($499)

Up to 200 clients

Up to 1,000 clients

Up to 2,000 clients

Unlimited clients

1 user

Up to 4 users

Up to 10 users

Unlimited users

Up to 4 affiliates

Up to 20 affiliates

Up to 40 affiliates

Unlimited affiliates

5GB storage

20GB storage

40GB storage

100GB storage

Interestingly, the Starter package is not for everyone. This plan ignores a crucial feature – there’s no client portal included. Thankfully, their next package up is only $30 more and provides both a private label client portal, more storage and a much greater client, user and affiliate capacity. For most businesses, starting with the Professional package will make the most sense.

Another good note – no commitment or long term contract is required.


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Pros and Cons

  • Low flat-fee monthly pricing
  • No contracts or down-payments
  • Business credit builder CRM included
  • Create dispute letters in seconds
  • Fully private label branding
  • Easy credit report importing
  • Ability to integrate with tour own authorize.net gateway
  • Free 30-day trial with no credit card required to try

  • Cheapest package doesn’t include client portal
  • Only on the market for a few years

FINAL VERDICT – TurboDispute provides cloud credit repair software that holds weight. Their software features cover all the fundamentals one needs in a credit repair program. In some areas they beat their competitors, but it really comes down to preference.

The most convincing reason for a credit repair business to join forces with TurboDispute is their low price. You can literally take on 1,000 clients for under $1,000 a month. Huge savings mean much greater profits for your business. Plus, their options allow a lean startup to safely enter the credit repair sector and grow at whatever speed works for them.

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  • TurboDispute doesn’t just provide credit repair assistance. This software also includes their business credit builder tool. This allows credit repair companies to go beyond just helping with credit repair letters and dispute management. When using their credit repair cloud software, specialists can give clients detailed insight on the steps to take to build their business credit score.
  • Their education portal teaches you how to start a credit repair business, work with your clients and affiliates, obtain business funding for your clients and much more. Before you even subscribe, you will notice their blog contains many informative articles in this area.
  • Everything about TurboDispute’s credit repair software makes things run smoother for the program users. Your employees can search for specific client files in seconds, import credit reports instantly, mark timestamped notes on any communication with leads and etc.

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In our opinion, TurboDispute ranks as one of the most underrated cloud credit repair software programs on the market. Most credit repair businesses do not yet know this company exists and their marketing efforts are very recent. For the super low monthly pricing – without any hidden fees or extra cost per user – TurboDispute is a clear winner.

The biggest downfall is the lack of a track record behind this company. Their software certainly seems to supply all the same key features as their lead competitors. However, time will tell whether TurboDispute can stand up against the frontrunners in the credit repair software industry.


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Company Offer

What’s the risk?

TurboDispute provides a free 30-day trial offer to its new subscribers. You have no risk going into your relationship with this cloud credit repair software provider. Needless to say, when looking for a new credit repair CRM product – you can safely decide if their software is right for your credit repair business.

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Can the business owner structure user permissions?

Admin accounts have the ability to set permissions for each team member. This functionality makes it possible to safeguard confidential files. The primary account can choose which sections and tools are accessible to each of the authorized users. This is a feature that many of the top credit repair companies fail to offer.

How does cloud credit repair software work?

Cloud credit repair software works in the cloud. Databases are stored through a cloud hosted server. Businesses can work seamlessly with affiliates from all around the world thanks to this advanced setup. More importantly, you can have credit repair specialists in different parts of the country working instantaneously under the same platform. They can also pick up and go from anywhere, on any device – without having to install the software. For many reasons, a cloud based credit repair software will offer a higher level of security too

What does private label client portal really mean?

Both your clients and affiliates see the same branding information. You can put your company name on the software – so long as you subscribe to at least their Professional ($179 monthly) package. This is important in many different ways. For instance, your credit repair software lets you send automated notifications to your clients under certain circumstances. The full private label controls let these messages appear under your company, not TurboDispute.

How can you cancel your TurboDispute subscription?

Another great point about TurboDispute is that they are a hassle-free software provider. You do not sign any contracts or commit yourself over any period of time. When you want to quit, it’s as simple as choosing the cancel option in the Settings section of their software. You also will not be billed anything if you decide to cancel. If you take advantage of their free 30-day trial offer, you will only be billed after this period if you choose to keep using their software.
Credit Repair CRM
9.5 Total Score
TurboDispute Credit Repair CRM

In our opinion, TurboDispute ranks as one of the most underrated cloud credit repair software programs on the market. Most credit repair businesses do not yet know this company exists and their marketing efforts are very recent. For the super low monthly pricing - without any hidden fees or extra cost per user - TurboDispute is a clear winner.

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